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  It is well known that the business card of any company is its employees. Many areas of activity involve the necessity of working clothes for the personnel. This applies not only to laborer occupation or areas such as, for example, cooking, medicine, military and civil aviation. Branded clothing and its elements are increasingly becoming an inherent part of the corporate image - whether it is uniform or the company's logo on the lapel of jacket. There are many ways of branding the clothes. However, in terms of price-quality the embroidery, certainly, occupies the first place in this ranking. Since it allows making corporate insignia (lettering, logos, patterns) on any fabric surface, including a wide variability in the art. In addition, it is resistant to external influences (burning, wash, wear). High-grade embroidery overalls emphasize corporate identity of your company and will serve as an additional incentive to strengthen the corporate spirit. This means a positive impact on your business. The main goal is to entrust the work of embroidery to the experts. Thus, like the experts of the embroidery studio LADNA.












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