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  In modern world heraldry is gaining its once lost rights. Moreover, it goes from a state-official format into business and private categories. Today it is possible to learn the history of your family, and if the ancestors at their time did not seem concerned about the creation of a family emblem, you can fill this gap now. And still relevant are corporate heraldic symbols which are not just a kind of a status element but play an important role in shaping corporate culture, strengthening spirit and uniting personnel around shared values. LADNA embroidery studio accepts orders for manufacturing emblems and brand symbols. Moreover, given the extensive technical capabilities, we offer a variety of options for the task. The emblem can be embroidered on the fabric, items of clothing or parts of the interior, etc. The company's experts will take part in the design process of your future emblem, taking into account all your requirements, and will find the best way to make your wishes true. Moreover, everything will be done under the most favorable conditions for you.











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