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  Stripes are traditional element of the uniform, which is now used much more widely. Designers actively "implement" them in their work in order to give a special piquancy to the finished product.  However, in ingenuity the average people keep up with fashion designers. Fortunately, now you can buy ready-made stripes in specialized stores and decorate your clothing according to your sole discretion. Ready stripe is, of course, perfect, but to emphasize your personality, they hardly will help, rather the contrary. It makes a great difference when a decorative stripe is performed by your own design, tailored to your interests and tastes. This condition is also true if we are talking about business purposes. For example, the original advertising stripes can be nice souvenirs for guests or members of a corporate event or promotion participants. Making stripes is quite a common service; therefore the problems with the implementation of the order are not likely to occur. However, we should remember that the quality, visual attractiveness and durability of the products will be directly proportional to the level of professionalism of their experts. Make the conclusions by yourselves J











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