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  Long gone the days when the T-shirts were considered exclusively sportswear. Today, depending on the texture of fabrics, patterns and decorative elements they are appropriate to wear not only to gym but also to office and restaurant, and party at the club. As well as the uniforms in many business areas, for example, in fast food and delivery service, etc.  They are also topical as an element of advertising campaigns: the company logo, slogan applied to a T-shirt under condition that all the elements have the appropriate quality: they have to long outlive the advertising media itself and become your favorite thing. Since T-shirts both as uniforms and as usual wear are often washed, ironed, etc., the best type of decoration in this case would be the machine embroidery. Machine embroidery on T-shirts has several advantages. First, it is much less expensive than any other printing on cloth. Second, it perfectly preserves the appearance and does not fade. And, third, the modern embroidery technique allows implementing any even the most unexpected fantasies and wishes of the client.












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