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  Without towels you are like without hands and it is a fact. Thick, thin, fluffy, "waffle", large and small, towels serve us at home faithfully. In addition, for many service companies they are an inherent part of the business. In beauty salons, spa, fitness clubs, hotels, restaurants towels are, on the one hand, an important tool necessary to work with, on the other hand, an effective image. For customer it is very important to be cared professionally, including usage of high-quality tools and materials. A company that respects its customers and meets their demands can emphasize its client orientation with the help of branded accessories. In particular, this applies to the towels. For example, crisp white towel with the logo of the restaurant which is hanging on the elbow of waiter or quality branded bath amenities of the hotel will serve as an additional factor in a positive attitude for a client. Towel decorated with the logo or slogan of the company, will be also an excellent choice when it comes to versatile and durable souvenirs and advertising media at the same time. And since hygienic standards involve frequent washing of these products, the machine embroidery will help to extend the life of advertising slogan, funny pictures, or trademark on a towel. With embroidery you can turn ordinary little thing into a designer’s and make an ordinary household items unique.












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