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  In business trip or on vacation, staying in hotels, boarding houses, spa we often use products from terry cloth, using branded embroidery. It is the feature of embroidered logos or drawings that they will fall into our field of vision. And it is not just a visual "contact"; here the tactile sensations pull out their stops. When wearing a bathrobe at the hotel, we first evaluate its purity and softness, and do not ignore an embroidered logo on it. Moreover, as far as the embroidery is of high quality and attractive, our perception of the goods on the whole will depend, and as a result our sense of mood and life. Terry products with branded embroidery can be not only the best advertising medium and the embodiment of the company's relationship to its customers, but they are also an excellent choice of the original and universal gift at the same time. Text wish, drawing "with some meaning", embroidered on terry products (towels, sheets, napkins set, dressing gowns) will be enjoyable, and what is mostly importantly – memorable gift for colleagues and friends. At the same time it should be noted that embroidery on terry goods is often a difficult task because the result depends on many factors including the composition of the fabric, the height and density of loops, etc. Therefore, it is better to entrust the professionals with such an important mission.












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