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  Baseball caps has been long ceased to be a part of sports uniforms, turning now into a trendy headgear for all life occasions. Some people wear baseball caps all year around, others give them preference in the summer heat. Caps are an integral part of the corporate image of many companies. And due to its versatility the caps became one of the most common variants of prizes in various promotions, tournaments, etc. Such a wide range of caps usage makes them just a perfect advertising medium. In addition, they are very durable, especially when it comes to machine embroidery. The logo, slogan, emblem embroidered on this popular headdress, will do any company a good turn. In addition, the cap with an original drawing or inscription is also a great gift for friends, colleagues, and partners.  Or yourself. Why not? Get the ideas and come: we are happy to participate in the creative process and offer our versions. Our embroidery on the caps will be awesome!












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