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  For the modern person the bag is not just something necessary in everyday life, but also a very image-thing. A variety of materials, patterns, decoration of this accessory №1 excites the imagination. At the same time embroidery has been and remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to give all the necessary "flavor", charm and status to any bag. Embroidery on the bags is an excellent choice if you need to brand the company’s accessories, to use the unique advertising media. With help of embroidery you can also extend the life of your favorite things. Instead of putting a patch on a worn portion or a crack in the skin or tissue from which the bag is made, it is much easier and more practical to resort to professional embroidery. In this case, it is possible not only to eliminate unsightly defect, but also to refresh the look of goods. Fortunately, the rich variety of materials for embroidery and techniques of its implementation will allow picking the option that will harmonize perfectly with the texture, style and functionality of the bags and will emphasize all its advantages.












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