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  Nowadays products with handmade and machine embroidery are again at the peak of popularity. Moreover, embroidery is increasingly being used not only as an element of decor in suit and interior but also as an important component of professional image - for application of corporate symbols, uniforms, firm branding, etc.

Branding, drawing of logos on clothing and uniforms, corporate symbols and souvenirs. Embroidery on a cut, preforms, semi-finished products. Creative machine embroidery for single and series production of clothing, underwear, textiles 

  The embroidery studio LADNA in Kyiv offers a wide range of embroidery and guarantees the high quality and timeliness of work. If you want to create a unique corporate style, think about promotions or simply want to make an original gift for your friends or business partners, we will be glad to help you. Are you interested in custom-made embroidery on the clothes ASAP? Well then you've come to the right shop! The experts of the embroidery studio LADNA will help to make your products unique!

Tambour machine embroidery with a chain stitch on finished textiles and leather goods and a cut Tambour embroidery on leather, suede, textiles, tablecloths, towels, napkins. Computer machine tambour embroidery on finished products and a cut of leather, suede, textiles. Development of sketches, designs, programs for machine embroidery. Decoration of finished products and cutting machine embroidered cutwork 

Creative tambour machine embroidery with chain stitch on a cut and finished products from fabric, leather, suede


New decor for clothes and accessories

Here such strips in the form of a droplet can decorate a summer t-shirt, a cloth bag, sweetshots or jeans. Thermo stripe on the back will save you from having to sew by hand or with a sewing machine. And such decorations, unlike printing on fabric, are exceptionally resistant to washing and sunlight.

Embroidered appliqué for a fashionable decor of leather and textile Accessories with machine embroidery Kiev studio of machine embroidery LADNA - machine embroidery to order

And if you liked them, then order them or place an order with your design you can here, at the Computer machine embroidery in Kiev from the studio LADNA

Easter offers

Preparing for Easter !!! This embroidered ribbon can decorate the festive table well, it can also decorate the basket for the blessing of Easter cakes or simply make an excellent gift to your loved ones. Size - 120x40 cm. Cost - 800 UAH.
You can buy in "Простір 28", Kiev, st. Pochayninskaya 28


Easter embroidered gift decorative ribbon



And with such embroidered Easter eggs you can decorate a tablecloth, napkin or even clothes. To do this you only need to use iron - thermal tape on the back side allow you to easily and quickly fix our decoration without resorting to the needle and thread. 

Easter applique with machine embroidery is an excellent gift Embroidered Easter eggs - an excellent element of decor



If you liked our offers, then order them or place an order with your design you can here:

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